These are just my thoughts, my personal opinions and everything else my ego dares to throw at the public.

In the beginning...

Be welcomed on celaeno, traveller!
This is the personal homepage of Frank Tonn. Here you find things about me, my interests and what I need when I'm on the road.
Be my guest and have a look around.

The birth of the Siteworks project

Ok, I've written a text editor. I worked on an UML tool. I even had a couple of tries at a game. Everyone has to do these projects once in it's lifetime as a software developer (did you notice that I avoided the term programmer). Now the road is clear for another program that's equally popular among those hobby projects: a content management system !!!
[to be continued...]

The trouble with content...

OK, quite a few days have passed and I still did not provide enough content. In order to shorten the time you're waiting, you may want to have a look at my old homepage